A Best Selling Novelist


Jon Beattiey is a novelist who takes his inspiration from everyday life – portraying contemporary characters in a unique and thoughtful way. Crime, mystery and tantalising behavioural traits are portrayed alongside a central romantic theme – making for exciting and thought-provoking reading.

Some characters may show brief glimpses of naturism(‘Apple Girl’), of genetic sexual attraction (‘Windblow’),of mind-reading (‘Seeking’), others will show the deep need to love and care for others (Manor series, ‘Twelve Girls’). Complex? Perhaps – but very, very intriguing. Enjoy your browse!

The edge of Ireland, ‘The Wild Atlantic Way’ – and the Burren in County Clare is a huge expanse of limestone terraced karsts of beauty, tranquillity and magical mystery.

Berenice has run, to hide away in this quiet expanse of hill and shore, walking the strands of Fanore and the tracks of the Black Head, seeking to forget a troubled time. As a young lady with an exaggerated psychological past and an uncertain future, she holds down a job as a waitress in the roadside caf’ whilst living alone, writing stories and talking to her doll.

It is the country, the wild weather and the few wonderful friends that keep her sane – but is the routine of her daily life enough for her?

A customer arrives at the caf’ one afternoon with a need for a bed that night. Berenice offers hospitality and discovers June also has a gap in her life – a rapport develops. Another story has to be written, and life takes on a new colour; a tumultuous twist. So now where does her future lie? And is her sexuality in question?

From Galway to Lisdoonvarna, the reader will travel the same country that inspired Seamus Heaney – whose poem cast in bronze at Salthill has had a remarkable influence.

The Author: Jane Bea, a writer of considerable experience in this field, has researched the psychological aspects of loss and applied them to great effect, giving the characters an extremely true-to-life story that cannot fail to find compassion and absorption in the most evocative and enthralling manner. A very rewarding tale.